Divorce Coaching

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Divorce Coaching in Oakland, CA


Attorney divorce coaching refers to the practice of working with a trained attorney to guide and support individuals through the legal aspects of a divorce. Unmani has specialized training in coaching techniques and skills working with individuals to help them navigate the divorce process. Ms. Saraswati will provide guidance on legal matters, help clients understand their options, and provide support as they make important decisions.

One of the key benefits of attorney divorce coaching is that it will help you feel more confident and empowered with the legal system. An attorney divorce coach can explain the legal process in simple terms and provide guidance on how to prepare for court appearances, hearings, and other legal proceedings. Another benefit of divorce coaching is it will help clients save time and money by avoiding long and legal battles. By working with a coach who has specialized knowledge and experience in divorce law, you can avoid costly mistakes and unnecessary delays.

Unmani helps clients prioritize their goals and focus on achieving the best possible outcome in their divorce, without getting bogged down in legal battles or disputes.

Unmani is a skilled, compassionate, and talented divorce lawyer and mediator.

Unmani is a skilled, compassionate, and talented divorce lawyer and mediator. She’s genuinely interested in amicably resolving matters of divorce and trying to create a win/win scenario for all involved. She’ll work hard for your case and your family and do such in a respectful and good-natured manner.

- Michael V.
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