September 03, 2014

Collaborative Practice: Choosing a Process Made For You

Over the years, I have developed ways to keep clients’ costs down by creating systems, information, and processes which enable clients to do as much work on their own as they are able.  But I resist taking the further steps of creating a set divorce process, charging a set price, and then expecting clients to fit in that pre-designed process.  I do not want my clients to lose one of the main benefits of non-adversarial processes like mediation and Collaborative Practice, which is that we are able to create a divorce process which meets individual clients’ needs as they are defined by the clients and evaluated by the professionals.

Consider reading the following article about the benefits of Collaborative Practice published by CNBC:

In my Collaborative Practice cases, I relish working with clients who want more buffering and support than mediation can offer and having a fellow Collaborative attorney as co-counsel.  And similarly with interdisciplinary mediation, Collaborative attorneys have the opportunity to offer the less expensive services of highly trained Collaborative Practice professionals from the mental health and financial side of the divorce process. These professionals work in conjunction with our services, helping to keep costs down.  This leaves us to focus on what we do best: assist clients in understanding their financial, emotional, and legal views of their situation and focus on resolution rather than conflict.

If you are interested in developing your legal agreements in a non-adversarial process, whether for your divorce or your prenuptial, but feel that mediation is not appropriate for you and the other person for whatever reason, you may want to investigate Collaborative Practice.  You may be assured that it is recognized as a process that eases the stress of those conversations and is designed for the exact needs of you and the other person.

Unmani is a skilled, compassionate, and talented divorce lawyer and mediator.

Unmani is a skilled, compassionate, and talented divorce lawyer and mediator. She’s genuinely interested in amicably resolving matters of divorce and trying to create a win/win scenario for all involved. She’ll work hard for your case and your family and do such in a respectful and good-natured manner.

- Michael V.
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