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Mediation Offices provides family law and probate mediation services
with offices in San Francisco and Oakland, California.

We use Mediation and Collaborative Law methods to facilitate the resolution of issues related to: estates and probate, divorce, child custody, child and spousal support, marital settlement agreements, and premarital agreements.


Mission Statement

At Mediation Offices we are committed to:

  • Tailoring clients’ legal services to their specific needs
  • Facilitating respectful resolutions with an emphasis on creating a positive future for clients and their families
  • Practicing a values-based approach to conflict resolution, which involves getting to know clients and understanding their priorities


Unmani's Blog
Sep 3, 2014

xxxxxxxxOver the years, I have developed ways to keep clients’ costs down by creating systems, information, and processes which enable clients to do as much work on their own as they are able.  But I resist taking the further steps of creating a set divorce process, charging a set price, and then expecting clients to fit in that pre-designed process.  I do not want my clients to lose one of the main benefits of non-adversarial processes like mediation and Collaborative Practice, which is that we are able to create a divorce process which meets individual clients’ needs as they are defined by the clients and evaluated by the professionals.....