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Mediation Offices provides family law and probate mediation services
with offices in San Francisco and Oakland, California.

We use Mediation and Collaborative Law methods to facilitate the resolution of issues related to: estates and probate, divorce, child custody, child and spousal support, marital settlement agreements, and premarital agreements.


Mission Statement

At Mediation Offices we are committed to:

  • Tailoring clients’ legal services to their specific needs
  • Facilitating respectful resolutions with an emphasis on creating a positive future for clients and their families
  • Practicing a values-based approach to conflict resolution, which involves getting to know clients and understanding their priorities


Unmani's Blog
Jun 13, 2014

xxxxxxxxAs I wrote last month, I always look forward to speaking with potential clients during a free 15 minute phone consultation.  I enjoy having a bit of my workday that is not billed, that is available to anyone who would like 15 minutes of my time and my professional mind.  It is an opportunity for me to share the wealth of information in my head about how to approach getting a divorce.  To me, divorce is not a crisis, but rather a situation to approach from many different angles—emotional, fiscal, and legal.  I enjoy taking a few moments to speak with people having a tough time and support them with information and a view of things that keeps coming back to, “You can make it through this.”.......