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Mediation Offices

Since Unmani only takes non-adversarial cases, and does not litigate, she is able to give all her clients highly personalized attention and care. Unmani’s practice is that of a transactional attorney, which means she can anticipate the majority of her work and serve all of her clients equally.

Unmani’s schedules mediation sessions on: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Sessions generally last for 1.5 to 3 hours.

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The Benefits Of

Remote Mediation Services

At this point, I’m in a position to say that not only are remote mediation sessions effective, but I also I find that it takes clients less time to get to understanding and resolution than it did during in-person mediation sessions. It’s almost as though people sitting in a comfortable space (their home or office) allows them the ability to relax and remain engaged even when asked to acknowledge views they might not agree with or to compromise. I used to meet with clients about once every three to four weeks for three hours (averaging four to six hours a month) and now I remotely “meet” with clients usually every other week for one to two hours (averaging two to four hours a month). Yet, so far, we get the same amount of work accomplished, when looked at on a month-by-month basis. In addition, the mediation processes are finishing within the same time frame of about eight to twelve months.  What does that translate into? Less expensive, less time-consuming mediation processes overall.


I would highly recommend Mediation Offices’ services.

“About Unmani’s incredible unbiased mediation process: if you are looking for a mediator who looks to co-create win/win outcomes, in an otherwise impossible environment, she is the one. Her style is nothing less than professional, proficient, and refreshing.  Clients are given a clear understanding of the mediation/divorce process from beginning to end. I felt so fortunate to have agreed to my ex-husband’s request to have her as our mediator.  Please seek her out if you need this service.  You truly become a better person after her counsel!”

- Carol W.
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